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  2. 101 Ways You Can Save Energy and Save Environment
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Contributing to open source projects allows us to enjoy better tools and frameworks and greater selection of tools and frameworks. The presentation slides were composed simply of the categories in which Java developers could help improve things with a list of bullets of the various ideas for each category. Those lists of ideas together obviously form one of the most important parts of the presentation and hopefully the presentation with those lists will be available online soon.

Rather than regurgitate that list here, I have focused on a high-level description of the voice track the speakers provided to accompany the slides and lists of ideas. One of the early themes already encountered frequently at JavaOne is the need for Java developers to contribute to the community and the success of Java and the Java ecosystem.

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Speakers from the Strategy Keynote and Technical Keynote repeatedly asked for community help and feedback and I have seen that theme expressed in other sessions of JavaOne already. Tagged with: JavaOne. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. They split these up into their areas of greatest familiarity. Souza, the founder and coordinator of SouJava , talked about greater participation via user groups.

101 Ways You Can Save Energy and Save Environment

Dustin Marx. Do you want to know how to develop your skillset to become a Java Rockstar? Subscribe to our newsletter to start Rocking right now! View Details.

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Event Saved. Your message has been sent! Invite your neighbors and friends. Let them know they will have a chance to pay tribute to someone affected by breast cancer or any cancer by signing your shirt. Get creative and have them sign pink ribbons to be attached to your shirt, or pink buttons, etc.

New Job Party: Celebrate landing a new job with a party! Invite everyone you know and ask them to come prepared to support Susan G. Serve dog biscuits and ask everyone to wear ears! Take photos of your guests with the guest of honor. Or, ask a local bar that has a big-screen television to allow you to have the party there and donate a portion of the food and beverage sales. Play all of the old favorites. Ask people to come dressed in costume and dance the night away. Serve donated drinks and food. Scrapbooking Party: Host a scrapbooking party at your house, or at the local store.

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Ways to Lead Generate in Real Estate Tickets, Fri, Apr 12, at AM | Eventbrite

Serve donated food and drinks and charge at the door. Serve donated food and drinks. Sweets Party: Have a dessert auction at work!

"How Will You Contribute To Our Success?" Interview Question

Ask local restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores to donate yummy desserts. Post signs at work well in advance and then bring all of the desserts in to work on Friday.

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Add on even more by getting coffee donated — and sell the coffee to go with that cookie. Tea Party: Host a traditional High Tea, or ask a local hotel to do so on your behalf. Like a drop-off party, you coordinate a couple of hours of fun activities and ask the parents for a donation in exchange. Have donated snack food and juice boxes available to round out the fun. Swim Party: Ask a local public pool to donate or rent at a reduced rate a couple of hours for a private party.

This is a great way to get teenagers involved in the fundraising effort. Have donated snacks on hand, and be sure to include a lifeguard. Turn on some music and charge at the door. Plan a theme party and get supplies, favors, food and beverages donated. If you are crafty, you could even make costumes. Silent Auction: Ask some local businesses to donate items or gift certificates and hold a silent auction at your fundraising event, or on a payday at work. Set minimum donation limits and allow people to bid them up.

Some walkers even get their place of business to agree to set up a silent auction for one item every Friday at work. They get something donated and the office has fun bidding on something new each week. Live Auction: Same as above, but with an energetic auctioneer. Good for a large crowd and some big-ticket items; a trip for two, a special bottle of wine, landscape, pool or housecleaning service, auctioning off husbands for handiwork.

Charge a fee to participate and see if you can get prizes donated for the winner of each hole, or the whole course. Web-Based Auction: Get friends and family to donate things for you to sell on an internet auction site. Special Screening: Ask your local movie theatre to donate a special screening of a new release. Invite everyone you know and make flyers to get the word out. Ask if the theatre will also donate a percentage of the concession sales for your event! Poker Tournament Party: Set up some tables and snacks and let the bluffing begin. Pancake Breakfast: Host a pancake breakfast at a school, park or place of worship.

Charge a fee.

Get the pancake mix and other food items donated by local stores. Make it an annual event. Bowling Party: Ask your local bowling alley to donate some lanes for a fundraising party. Invite your office-mates as a team-building experience, your neighbors, your family or a group of old friends. Baseball Game: Or other local sporting event.

Buy a section of tickets at a group rate and charge your family and friends twice the price. Get food donated and host a tailgate party. Encourage the math classes to assist with counting, predicting and rolling the change. This is a great way to involve the entire school. You can hold this event multiple times; every week or every month.

Personal vending machine at work: Have you ever wondered how much money the vending machine at work clears in a single week? Find out! Purchase some of the office favorites in bulk or better yet have them donated! If you have a way to keep them cold, do the same with bottled water and sodas.