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Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Location: United States. Alastair Anders Biography A former Catholic schoolgirl, Alastair Anders has been writing erotica ever since he was in plaid skirts and knee socks. Alastair lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, and he is working on an erotic graphic novel. Words: 13, Language: English. Published: March 10, A discounted four-pack of dirty, hot, wet, nasty, erotic gay sex stories!

Words: 5, Published: February 23, Words: 4, Published: February 6, Published: January 24, College virgin Kitty has heard all the stories about impregnation sex with a succubus, but nothing compares to the real experience This word sex story contains sex transformation, lesbian futanari sex, girls in bondage, and an erotic pregnancy, complete with lactation and alien birth! Published: January 15, When Hank invites him over for some kinky daddy-son role-play sex, James pushes his own limits and learns how to please his hot daddy! This smoking hot taboo fetish story is for open-minded adults only!

Words: 11, Published: January 7, Penniless and facing eviction after a surgical operation that allows hir to change genitals at will, transgender outlaw Arie turns to sex work. Dodging the cops and the mafia, Arie thrills hir customers with hir custom-made genitals, but then one of hir mobster clients approaches Arie with hir most dangerous assignment yet - and an offer ze can't refuse. Contains explicit tentacle penetration sex. Published: October 25, Struggling writer Jonas Finn thought his troubles were over when he won an all-expenses-paid residency at a cabin in the Northwoods.

But then he begins to hear strange noises at night. And he can't stop dreaming about ecstatic sex with a wild hairy man. Jonas thought he could handle anything, but then three satyrs arrive on his doorstep one moonlit night, with sex on their minds!

The Kristen Archives - Just Extreme Sex Stories

Published: September 15, Before he was the leader of the pack in Lone Wolf Chronicles, Henry Archer was a young man living in a traditional werewolf community in rural Alaska. At nineteen, Henry can no longer hide his attraction to Joe Armstrong, a cocky and handsome supply pilot who is also the only human in Henry's community. Torn between his culture and his desires, Henry must risk everything to follow his heart. Words: 3, Published: September 3, Every full moon, Stella fulfills her evil purpose: to collect seed from unsuspecting men and deposit it into a willing female host!

A Private Gentleman

This extreme word short story includes risky public sex, an intense sex transformation, and an orgasmic birth! Published: August 29, Grad student Hillman Mynx's moving crew is definitely easy on the eyes! But when a broken-down van strands the three of them in an empty apartment with an hour and a half to kill, Hillman learns that the guys can do way more than bend from their knees!

This word erotic gay story contains spanking, light bondage, sweaty Russian stepbrothers, and definitely-not-gentle-ride suspension! Words: 9, Published: August 20, A discounted three-pack of my best-selling tales of squirting sex, female orgasm, g spot stimulation, girls squirting, and all that good stuff! A terrible incident at senior prom led Evelyn to swear off all forms of sex, even masturbation.

But in her college Human Sexuality class, she learns that what happened to her has a name - female ejaculation - and she embarks on a quest to discover her own sexuality. But will her handsome professor be willing to give her extra lessons? Published: August 10, Rebellious beauty pageant contestant Charlotte can't wait to get her hands on her military boyfriend Troy.

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After her parents forbid her to see him, she had to arrange a midnight rendezvous at an out-of-town pageant's hotel. When they meet up, they'll both unleash all their pent-up sexual energy on each other! This story contains wild public sex, female ejaculation, and misuse of a hotel pool! Published: July 14, Three bestselling top-ranked gangbang stories! In The Perfect Gangbang, a model hires a group of men to make her favorite fantasy a reality. In Heaven on Wheels, the female leader of a biker gang ensures her men's loyalty by taking them all on at once.

And in Bringing Home the Breeding, a woman trying to conceive cuckolds her impotent husband for a dozen well-hung studs! The best dirty, rough sex! When career woman Vera and her impotent husband Bert can't conceive, she starts looking into alternate insemination methods.

In this case, Vera's "alternate insemination method" is a dozen well-hung studs who are bound and determined to knock her up! Warning: This 3, word erotic short story contains deep, rough penetration, risky sex, and more semen than a sperm bank! Words: 6, Published: July 11, Six women share the stories of their favorite sexual experiences.

Whether it be their first female ejaculation, or their most explosive orgasm from the force of water, each story is hot and wet and guaranteed to leave you in a puddle! High-end sex worker Alyce used to love her job, but lately she's felt burned out. Then she accepts a date with Bob, a handsome research scientist who's invented a powerful new aphrodisiac. Bob's potion makes Alyce grow a cup size and an inch-long clit, beg for sex, do things she's never dreamed of before, and ejaculate, but will it help her get her mojo back? Published: June 16, Victorian gentlemen Robert and Quentin have carried on a secret love affair ever since they met at university, but their relationship will be tested when Quentin receives an anonymous blackmail letter threatening to out him.

In this ribald romantic romp, Robert decides to turn the tables on the blackmailers and maybe, just maybe, win the heart and soul of the man he has always loved. Published: June 15, In this 3-part confessional story, three women tell the stories of their favorite erotic experience with water: the secret ecstasies of underwater jets in swimming pools, friends' spurting shower heads, even a wild waterfall in the wilderness - these ladies tell all about getting slippery wet!

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